Tuesday, April 21, 2009

KT rocks it

I am so ultra super proud of my friend Katie who is amazingly talented. She's in rehearsals for Giant, which is coming to Broadway later this year (!) and the rehearsals are in Washington DC. So, guess who calls to have her come sing? Michelle - friggin - Obama. Yup. You read that right. First Lady of the Free World has been crooned to by my dear KT. I could not be happier for Katie -- no one deserves the accolades more, I assure you. She is this fiery redhead with a deep soulful voice that makes you want to die of envy. Ok, that's just me, but STILL!

Katie had a very successful show at Birdland in NY that I was very sorry to miss. All the Broadway superstars came out to sing original Katie Thompson songs which was beautiful and often hilarious. You can watch the concert on YouTube via Katie's channel.

One of my favorite songs "I'm Not Pregnant (Just Fat)" was sung lovingly by Carly Jibson, who you'll recognize as the lead from Hairspray. Although my all-time favorite version was from Kate D. (different from KT!), Carly does a fun performance too.

So congrats to Miss Thompson for yet again, knocking my socks off.


Sizzle said...

Wow! I am so super excited for KT! I have admired her singing and her fabulousness since I first met her years ago. THIS IS AWESOME!

Miss Bliss said...

Holy Cow...she so deserves to be heard by the President and the First Lady...Katie is a first class talent!


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