Monday, March 16, 2009

I love movies

Anyone who knows me knows that I constantly evangelize for Blockbuster Online, which is the Blockbuster equivalent of Netflix. I'm not necessarily Blockbuster's number one fan, but there is a store within a mile of my house and I can return the mailed movies to the store and exchange them for an in-store title, which is pretty nice. Also, the warehouse where the videos ship from is only one town over, so generally if I return a movie to the store, I get my next dvd in the mail within one day. So all-in-all, it works out pretty well for me.

In fact, I was updating my queue tonight and even though it doesn't track the entire in-store rental history, I can see what the in-store rentals were for the past few months at least and we have rented 115 movies since January 2008. That is a BUTTLOAD of movies, people. I am still wondering why I even bother paying for cable. I'm also curious how my eyeballs haven't melted out of my head.

A few noteworthy flicks:

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Giggly said...

Awwww...Thoroughly Modern Millie!! Need to watch that again! I wish I could watch ALL of these!! I think I have seen 1 movie in the last year? LOL I miss watching movies :-)
I will keep this list in mind!


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