Friday, February 13, 2009

New York Stories

Since I still haven't found time to write about our cruise in December or trip to Phoenix in January, I figured why not write about New York before I forget. So.

I am also still fussing with the memory card on my camera to upload everything. Apparently, I need to buy a card reader. Pfft.

  • Katie invited us to a "show" at the Laurie Beechman Theater and didn't know what to expect. I saw "theater" in the title and was expecting some sort of seated performance, but HEY! It was a basement cabaret! Is there anything better? NO THERE IS NOT! The host started us off with the rules (songs must have been performed on Broadway, or written by a songwriter who has written for Broadway, or a song from a Christian hymnal OR for a gracious tip, the pianist would play whatever you want) with a hearty dose of comedy and hoo boy were we in for some fun! Katie got a chance to play some of her songs, one of which was sung by Julie Reiber (from Wicked!) and she also took special requests. Of course, she was spectacular. [go see her show at Birdland!]
  • At Comic Con, I got bustled out of the DC Nation panel discussion (which I heard got turned into a train wreck anyway) and so Ryan and I ducked into the next room, where a panel was happening for MTV about the 10 greatest movie bad asses of all time. It was a hilarious discussion. And best of all, the panelists! Method Man, Chuck Nice, and Judah Friedlander. Woot!
  • We had a fantastic brunch at French Roast with Katie. It's reportedly the best coffee in the city (I don't drink coffee, so I can't judge), but the food... oh. mah. gaw. I went simple with a quiche and bacon. Ryan and Kate went for the croques which... oh. mah. gaw. CHEESE. Ryan keeps looking at the pictures and drooling.
  • We strolled through the flea market and everyone found a treasure. I got a crochet monkey finger puppet and Ryan bought an antique set of French playing cards (72 in the deck). The one regret was that we didn't buy a Tibetan singing bowl that had the most beautiful vibrating sound. We used one at our wedding ceremony so Ryan has a fond spot for the sound.
  • We got into an empty subway car only to realize why it was empty: the smell coming off the homeless guy was like... I can't even describe. Maybe if the devil pooped garbage into some burning tires? A true New York experience!
  • We visited the Met for the first time and Ryan almost had a heart attack when he saw Madame X. He wasn't kidding when he said that if he could marry a painting, he'd divorce me in a heartbeat. He's got a total art crush on impressionist painters anyway, but sheesh. That gallery just about killed him and destroyed my marriage. Thanks, ART! I personally loved the Maude Adams as Joan of Arc by Mucha. I was staring too intently and got the brush off by the museum guard "Not so close! Step back!"
  • We had frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity! And also some humble pie (peanut butter on a graham cracker crust!) and a death-by-hot-fudge kind of brownie sundae AND a cheesecake and strawberry ice cream concoction that ensured that I would find any weight that anyone else in the world might have lost.
  • We finally saw Grand Central station, which is gorgeous, and somehow I had never seen pictures of the ceiling! LOVELY!
  • We had hot dogs at Papaya Dog! I don't even like hot dogs, but I tried it - you have to! It's a rite of passage!
  • We got to meet up with Caitlin and Allen in Union Square for some NY mexican food and then book browsing at Strand Bookstore.
  • I got to spend some time with Pete, who I miss terribly - why did he leave California? It SNOWS back east! and Ryan met up with one of his good friends from childhood who he hadn't seen in 13 years.
  • We rode the bus! Like normal New Yorkers! And we lived to tell the tale! Even dumb tourists like us could figure it out! Hooray for functioning public transportation!! We even took the subway and bus to and from the airport, saving almost $100 in cab expenses. If you're up for the schlep, it's only $2!
  • We ordered room service hamburgers that cost us $45! Insane!
  • We met lots of neat people at the convention, too. Ryan nerded out on lots of people, but he'll have to give you the run down. One of my favorite moments was spotting David Hine, who we've got a great convention-friend relationship with. Read Strange Embrace! It's twisted and dark and incredible. And David is all that plus 10. Love seeing him!
  • We toured St. Patrick's cathedral, which is unbelievably moving. I'm not religious by any stretch, but the stone work and enormous pipe organ will move you to tears. Light a candle for the goodness.
  • We toured Rockefeller Center (and gritted my teeth every time I saw/heard someone call it 'Rockafella') and even ducked into the NBC store for some extra geekiness. I didn't buy a 30 Rock t-shirt, but I was close, lemme tell ya!

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There is NOTHING better than going to a museum with Ryan...NOTHING I TELL YOU!


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