Tuesday, February 03, 2009

free is too expensive

If you're not already reading the Vintage Microwave, start now. The blog collects bric a brac from the Free section on Craigslist, with hilarious results.

So today I was perusing CL myself, and glanced at the freebies and oh. mah. gaw. Please to enjoy:
Free busted 50' garden hose

burst yesterday 1 inch from the coupling. Ideal for DIY drip irrigation. Priority to quick pick up. Tell me WHEN you can come get it.

Uh, yeah. I'm sure people are flooding your inbox with clamboring for a broken garden hose.
Deadbolt, no key

We lost the key, but I thought someone might be able to use it for a garage entry door to lock at night or during the day when you're at home with the kids or something similar instead of throwing it away.

Wow. A free deadbolt that requires a $100 locksmith call, instead of buying a new one for $10.
bookshelf is very nice, MUST TAKE and be able to haul ALL books along with shelf. dresser is very ghetto and ugly and missing drawers, may be used for fire wood?

A bookshelf full of romance novels and a ghetto dresser. A winning combo!
White Recalled Crib

We had to take it apart and send the hardware in to get a voucher for a free crib. Now we're left with parts of a crib. The
wood can be used for something we hope.

I hope, too.

FREE Black Leather Couch Sofa
I have two sofas to give away. Both are black leather with ripped seats. You can easily repair them with a sofa cover. PICK UP ONLY!

Firstly: gag. Secondly: slip covers are not "repairs" Thirdly: gag

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