Monday, February 02, 2009

almost time to go again

It seems like we just got home from Phoenix and now it's time to pack it up for NY Comic Con already. Seriously, where does the time go?! It's supposed to be plenty cold in NY (30 during the day, 17 at night) so I am sifting through my layering options which are virtually non-existant while I am strutting around in a t-shirt and linen pants (it's 80 here today) at home with no shoes on. Clearly, I am unprepared.

I think my #1 plan of attack is to brainwash everyone that I am hanging out with to forget that you have seen me wear these jeans twice already... this a whole new outfit to you... please look at this hypnotoad video to get inspired. Because a) I don't want to bring along an entire wardrobe and b) I am too cheap to pay for checked baggage ($25 per bag!) to bring along extra heavy coats and boots and such. Remixing the same t-shirts and cardigans and jeans are my staples, so please overlook the seemingly same outfit everyday.

Meanwhile in the midwest, my family is apparently turning into pioneers. They've been without power for more than a week with only a gas generator to run their spaceheater and minimal lights, but the gas is now running low and due to the weather the gas stations don't have gas and they can't really get to it anyway (nevermind the fact that there is no way to pay without power - no credit cards, ATMs, etc.). They had to ship their kids off to stay with great-grandma (a few miles away) because her old house has a woodburning stove so she can cook and boil water and sponge bathe them (no clean clothes in 2 weeks, no showers. It's like hell. Only colder.). Cell phones have to be charged in the car, which is a feat unto itself. I expect that this will be a summer full of houseguests who want to move to California and never deal with that kind of b.s. again.

And now back to complaining about having to put on SOCKS to go outside because it is freezing in New York.

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styro said...

Jeez, I thought I had it bad when the hurricane knocked out my power for two weeks, but it was summer. So I was sweaty but at least I wasn't in danger of, you know, DYING.

And I'm psyched to see you guys! I can't believe I spent money on this trip (I am having guilt about it today) but I know we're going to have a great time.


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