Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Better than candy and more heart healthy

You might have gotten candy and flowers and breakfast in bed, but I had THREE Valentines, so I win. Take that.

Valentine Number One: Ryan. Standard issue husband. This year he gave me the gift of Exactly What I Wanted: a day of ridiculous fun! We went to a puppet building class, hosted by the LA Guild of Puppetry and learned how to make sock puppets. I scored a sweet pair of heart patterned fuzzy socks (random, I swear!) and we followed the expert instruction of Pat Brymer to create a sock puppet who is my Valentine Number Two!

Valentine Number Two: puppet! It doesn't have a name yet, but I think it turned out pretty cute. The ears just kind of "happened" when I saw the toe of the sock (that we had just cut) sitting on the table and I thought 'ears' and sewed them on his/her head. But for some reason, that was what people liked the best. So, okay. Yay me! I like the feather hair that moves around a lot when it talks. I am really happy with it overall and need to think of some little skit for him/her to perform.

After making our puppets (Ryan made a monster with one eye*), we met up with Kate, who is Valentine Number Three!

Valentine Number Three: Kate! She was so sweet and came over to the puppet class to see our final products and give us some encouragement. It was so nice to see her, plus she got to chat for a couple of minutes with our seat mate who is a Henson puppeteer (for Puppet Up!) and it turns out that they have a lot of friends in common. Networking! Yay!

And then all my Valentines took me to dinner. Again to Wokcano for some Chinese food deliciousness (except the green tea, which was oddly chalky) and even chocolate dipped fortune cookies!

All in all, I got a fantastic present that left me with warm fuzzies, a romantic dinner, and candies. HECKUVA VALENTINES DAY, BROWNIE!

*remember Monsters, Inc? And the way Mike says "my one eye?" Well, I do. And I say it a lot more than a normal person would or should.

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Sizzle said...

That's like the perfect gift for you!


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