Wednesday, December 31, 2008

on the eve of a new year

I started making notes of all the wonderful and not-so-wonderful times that I had in 2008 but I am fairly sure that it will bore everyone to tears. The year had more good times than bad, and for that I am eternally grateful. I saw a lot of wonderful and funny things. I went to movies and concerts and puppet shows. I laughed a LOT and had a few migraines. I got one icky cold and enjoyed more than a few delicious meals. I lost one of my best friends to heart disease and another to Utah. I made some new friends and fell in love with Charles Phoenix and Julie Andrews (all over again). I had some good crafting times and won a contest with one of my needle felted creations. I went to comic conventions and Knott's Berry Farm and saw lots of interesting things in both places. I went nuts for taking pictures of manicules (a new word for me!) sort of like a perpetual scavenger hunt.

I also took a lot of pictures of other stuff, which I have used to create a slideshow of some of my favorite images from 2008.

I hope your year was just as fruitful and fun and that 2009 is even better!

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katedanley said...

This year was, by far, the best one of my entire life and it is because I got you crazy kids it. Thank you for the amazing memories! Your slide show kind of made my brain explode.


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