Thursday, November 13, 2008

sunday Sunday SUNDAY

This Sunday I have a couple of things going on that I invite you ALL to join in on!

Felt Club and Swap-O-Rama-Rama are at the Shrine Expo Center in LA. Come do all your holiday shopping in one fell swoop AND get to see Charles Phoenix live and in person as the MC. Too cool! I'm volunteering at Swap-O-Rama-Rama so come find me and we'll make something cool together.

And THEN starting at 3pm in Long Beach at Alex's Bar, I'll be selling some of my own hand-made crafts during the FUNraiser. One of the former bartenders (and general friend to all) was involved in a boating accident recently and his wife was badly burned and needs extensive medical treatment. To help offset the costs, all of us are pulling together for a night of FUNraising. I'll be selling some of my stuff, Kate will be bringing some special made purses, Ryan will be bringing some comics, Chris will be selling his books, I think Jamie and Leonard are bringing some clothes and accessories from Volcom and Split and possibly other surf/skate companies and there will be live music and food and everything!! If you've never seen the fun of an Alex's Bar BBQ, then you've never truly lived! Stop by, get some cool stuff, enjoy some live music and help someone in need.

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