Tuesday, November 18, 2008

alive and kicking: weekend edition

So this weekend was pretty much a waste of time. I spent all day Saturday in bed (doctor's orders) which helped and I got to watch the entire run of The Comeback, which is my new favorite TV show. Why does everything good have to be cancelled?!

Sunday I was supposed to volunteer at Swap-O-Rama-Rama during Felt Club and was insanely excited -- I even made a new crafting apron! -- but alas, I was unable. I felt so bad cancelling on Friday. But doctor's orders and all. And especially since I felt so much better on Saturday after spending the day in bed, I felt I shouldn't push myself too hard.

I did, however, put in a brief appearance at a fundraiser being held at Alex's Bar for a friend who was in a boating accident. The event was a huge success and thousands of dollars were raised, thanks to all the Cool Kids donating stuff like 10 free pairs of custom-created Vans and a custom-made wetsuit and gobs of great artwork. Kate's purse was a hit and Alex himself ended up buying it -- and he'd better use it too! I made some necklaces last week (hand-drawn on shrinky dink paper with hemp cord necklaces) that were slow to get going but once the first one sold, the rest took off pretty quickly. I also made some patches out of felt and glitter puffy paint (which I have a ridiculous love for) and those sold pretty well too. Apparently, glitter paint sugar skulls are a hit! Kate and I snagged a seat early so I was able to stay off my feet and sip my soda while watching over the shopping spree. Although I didn't do anything (Ryan carried everything and set it all up), by the end of the night (about 4 hours) I was exhausted.

We did win a raffle drawing and I passed up a spa gift certificate (and $300 worth of Sephora lip gloss) to snag Ryan a kick-ass snowboarding jacket. Lots of our amigos work for apparel companies (Quiksilver, Split, Volcom, etc.) so they donated REALLY good prizes for the raffle. This jacket would have cost $300, easily, and he doesn't have a decent winter coat. I'm already thinking ahead to NY comic con next February! This coat has a zip-out coat inside and all kinds of great warmth to it (and pockets!) and Ryan was in 7th heaven already wearing it in the parking lot, even though it was like 90 degrees outside. So we totally scored. We also got some comp tickets to see a Michael Jackson tribute band at House of Blues this week, but I have to see where my energy level is... I might not be able to stand for a 2 hour concert (I am 100 years old! Darn kids, get off my lawn!) and HOB doesn't have seating. Our friend Jamie who designs accessories brought in about 200 purses and wallets and such to sell for $5 and $10 and still had a boatload at the end of the night. If you like purses from places like Split or Volcom, let me know. I'm sure I can hook you up -- finish your holiday shopping for $10!

In more boring news, I saw the doctor yesterday and started a new round of hormones which seem to be working, although they're giving me migraines like nobody's business. I slept with my head packed in ice and still barely grabbed 2 hours of sleep. But it will get better in the next couple of days and I'll be in tip top shape for vacation! Which is #1 priority for me. Which is dumb, my health should come first but NO WAY. I need this cruise -- you CAN NOT take it away from me!!


Miss Bliss said...

Oh Miss Mia with the owchy head...hope you feel better already.

Angela Apple said...

Didn't you know? Cruises cure all ills.

Feel better!


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