Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween show tonight - The Taint @ Unknown Theater

I'm usually pretty blase about The Taint playing, because - if I'm being honest - I've seen them play 85 bajillion times. So, yes, it's fun and exciting to see my husband up on stage and rocking out, but also? It's kind of boring, sitting in a noisy bar with just Mimi to keep me company and it being too loud to actually chat. But tonight is different!! The Taint is playing in Los Angeles, where we happen to know a few people who are also willing to come to the show. Which means that I will have friends! Huzzah!!

Also, Kevin is playing with them since Jake (the bass player) is off on his honeymoon which means that I get to hang out with Danielle - awesome - and also that we get to see some super awesome upright bass playing action!! Kevin played with them a couple of months ago (video below, the audio isn't fantastic though) and it was so much fun. Because he's awesome.

But one of the most exciting parts (for me) is to see Ryan sing after his vocal practice with a certain Broadway Baby who taught him a thing or two... I can't wait to see it in practice!

So if you're in LA tonight, looking for a free show that apparently is serving free beer, then boy have I got a show for you!

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Giggly said...

I love that video!
I wish we lived closer :(


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