Tuesday, September 09, 2008

what works

People (supportive, loving people, mind you) keep asking me how Weight Watchers is going. And it's going okay. I'm still struggling with eating enough, as counterintuitive as it sounds. Last week I noticed part of what is 'working' is that I am actually feeling hungry more often, rather than eating a light breakfast and feeling fine for 12 hours. So my challenge now is to keep lots of snackable items at hand, so that I can hear the rumbly in my tumbly and grab a fistful of popcorn or crackers or grapes or whatever, so that my metabolism keeps going.

The funniest thing/hardest thing is that even though I splurged all weekend (it's my birthday week, so I get some grace), and I STILL didn't get to my 'reserve' points. I went to Disneyland twice and had crack pasta, a meatball sandwich, ice cream, and soda [not all at once] and only came in at 2 points over my daily allotment. On Saturday night, we took some friends to see R.R.R.E.D. and went out to Lala's for dinner and gorged ourselves silly and I had extra bread, cheese, chimmichurri up the wazoo, and candy at the show and came in 9 points over my daily limit. WHAT?! And because I 'under-ate' on days before, I never even got close to my 35 reserve points. Ridiculous!

I have also been pretty surprised at the points on fast food items, especially in comparison to restaurant prepared foods. Like last week, Ryan and I went to lunch at Mimi's Café and I was considering a Turkey Ciabatta sandwich. I figured turkey is healthy, right? But somehow the sandwich is 32 points, which made me laugh so hard I cried (which, I think burns calories... hmmm....). On the other hand, a taco from Taco Bell (standard, crispy shell taco) is 3 points. So, um, I can eat 10 tacos or a turkey sandwich? Wuh? And because 2 tacos are all I need, I can have a 6 point lunch that is way tastier (to me) than a frozen Weight Watchers entrée.

So I'm still working on it. Or, it's working on me, I guess. I keep looking at those Laptop Lunches/Bento Box photo pools on Flickr and it's making me want to join in. Maybe that's the shove that I need to finally start making my own lunches (gasp!) and putting some thought into what goes into my belly. So if anyone wants to sell me a $75 plastic lunch system box, now is the time!!

Also this weekend, we managed to squeeze in 3 movies:
  1. Super High Me - entertaining, not great
  2. Sky High - not a stoner movie, like it sounds, and actually very funny and cute
  3. Interview With The Vampire - total disappointment. Great subject matter, but completely cheesy. Tom Cruise doing the vampire bite? OMG, it looks like a characture.


Angela Apple said...


I didn't realize it was your birthday we were celebrating or I would have brought my party hat. It was great to meet you and Mr. Giddy!!

I have one of those Mr. Bento lunch contraptions (got it off amazon.com) and I really love it... and actually use it when I'm watching my points. You can't make fun sculptures with carrot sticks in it so much but it definitely keeps food at the correct temperature.

Miss Bliss said...

Hang in there ducks...sounds like you are making some really good progress. We still gotta get this Sunday worked out...

styro said...

Happy birthday! Yeah, I was surprised at a lot of things in WW, when I was doing it. Bread is a TON of points, which is why sandwiches are so high. Le Sigh. I got stuck on a plateau after losing 10 pounds, which was a super bummer. There are theories that you gotta switch it up, there are a ton of websites about how to do the points so that you "trick" your body into losing more weight when you're on a plateau. Oh well. Just don't go to the WW forums online, those hags are BITCHES.


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