Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This week the show officially opens and ho ho ho - what a site to see!! I'm telling you that there is no time better spent than listening to Katie Thompson belt it out from the stage. Hands-down. And fer realz, this could be the last time that you will get to see her in an intimate venue before Broadway snaps her up and makes her into one of those "I knew her when" people.

Besides, the show is a HELLUVA lot of fun. If you have means to get to LA (hey! We have an airport!) I highly recommend it. Discount tickets are available and I know people on the inside (hint hint!) that can save you even more -- but it's a steal at thrice the price.

If you don't love me enough to come all the way to Californiee, do it for the celebs, onstage and in the crowd. It's your chance to share a Coke with renowned redheads from the stage and screen and low-rung celebrity ranking lists (hint!).


Sizzle said...

I wish I could come!

Miss Bliss said...

AWESOME!! I just put a review over on the Weekly website.


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