Wednesday, July 02, 2008

needle felting madness

I made the hippo from it's a small world tonight. Because I have always loved that hippo. And I am a dork.

with a penny for scale


Choppa said...

UGH dude. I've been thinking that your site was down for like a month now! I guess I wasn't using www? Glad I asked, I am the dumb.

Miss Bliss said...

holy moly you keep working at a microscopic's mindblowing. AND CUTE TOO!!

Giggly said...

I love it!

Kim Chatel said...

Your hippo is lovely! I'm a long-time needle felter, but I find working on a mini scale very hard. Kudos! I have a movie of my daughter and I making a felt sheep on my site at The sheep is no where near as pretty as your hippo, but the movie was designed to show newbies this unique craft.


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