Monday, July 14, 2008

I, Phony

The iPhone obssession and jealousy is super weird. I guess I didn't pay attention to it before I had one myself, and now I am steeped in it and can't escape. It's like driving a VW Bug or collecting miniature frogs: every time someone sees one or hears about one, they want to tell you every detail. Only, with the iPhone, everyone only wants to tell you the Dark Side. Maybe it's techno jealousy? Maybe it's the expense involved?

2 months ago, people from all over told me about iPhones they heard that broke. Ones that were crushed or lost or otherwise damaged, just money down the drain. I heard about every bad experience that every iPhone user ever experienced - a call dropping, emails not sending, hidden surcharges, etc. All the iPhone dirty laundry has been dragged through my inbox at one point or another. Now, everyone wants to ask my feelings on the price drop and the new upgraded version - what do you think about that? That's a lot of wasted money! You're crazy! Are you going to sell your old one and upgrade? Too bad for you, loser!

Firstly, I have this to say: technology is outmoded on a daily basis. Remember that kick-ass PC you bought 5 years ago for $5,000? And you had to sell your firstborn child to Dell to get it? Well, that same computer is under $1,000 and has 100x more memory and processing speed. Do you feel like a sucker? The iPod that you stood in line for a couple years back? Nearly obsolete. The new ones are 1/4 the size, 5x the memory, and 1/3 the cost. Should you feel bad? No. That's the way of the world. Things change, prices drop. If you were an early adopter, you're one of the lucky ones. Appreciate it and stop feeling bad for yourself.

Secondly, I like my phone just the way it is. I bought it when I did because it had what I needed at a price I was willing to pay. Yeah, I had to save for it, but it fits my needs.

Thirdly, from all accounts, the 3rd generation phone isn't much improved over the last one, and the new features that it does have are ones I don't really need (i.e. pinpoint GPS. I don't use this function much, and when I do, it has always been accurate within a few feet), so I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. The major difference with this new phone is the pricing. But that's only the up-front pricing. The 3G buyers will end up paying 2-3x as much in monthly fees in one year than I did for my phone plus a year's worth of service. Now, that's not a brag or a judgment call, it just is what it is. And it's why I don't need to have everyone ask me how dumb I feel about buying just before a new model is released. In the end, I am happy with my purchase and am saving money in the long run too.


Miss Bliss said...

Yes I say this is like the person who buys a house...a house to live in...a house they plan to live in for many, many, many years. There is no reason to worry about the housing market as long as you can make your payment and don't need to move. IF you bought your house to live in it doesn't matter what you paid for it it simply matters that you can continue to live in it. I feel the say way about technology...if it works for you then you win...the end.

styro said...

You drank the apple kool-aid, didn't you? ;)


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