Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a good idea gone bad

I was supposed to be blogging about my awesome time hanging out for Kate's birthday, but got sidetracked making my own vector images. What? I know. It's difficult and contagious. So then I came up with a girlie that I liked. But she was lonely. So I made some cats. And some toys. And all the other detrius of my life. Which, of course, called to be uploaded right away and then I had to make a new background, tweak the layout, add some widgets, yadda yadda... now it's hours past my bedtime and I my brain is done.

If you're reading this via RSS, you will have no idea WTF I am talking about. Click over to the blog ( to see the new design and layout.

When I awake from my coma, I will blog about Kate and the Tiny Ninjas and Sock Zombie puppets and cake and pie and crazy Mr. Kang and all the other wonderful parts of Monday night.


Emily said...

Cuuuute! I like it. I love polka dots.

david santos said...



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