Sunday, June 15, 2008

home page improvement

I am a genius. Just in case you were wondering. I broke my website with - wait for it - a DOT. Yep, a dot. A period. One just like this --> .

Are you impressed? I used one minor punctuation mark to kill a server. Clearly, NASA should be studying my brain.

Now I am back online and a few days behind and I have all these deadlines looming so I have decided to re-design my website. Why not?! So... um... yeah. You'll either see it here or read about it (if you use an RSS feed) when its done. Hopefully sometime this decade.


Sizzle said...

Those damn dots!

Anonymous said...

Do you realize your current website doesn't feature any sort of "contact me" link?

Of course you do. You probably did it on purpose. But here I am, wanting to email you and I have no idea how.


Kim (Kate's kimmerkc)


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