Friday, May 09, 2008

u can has kitteh?

My friend Danielle just adopted a cat and is in the process of warming him up to his new home (and new sibling), but her father unexpectedly passed away and she's spending a lot of time with her family and away from home and she is sincerely worried about her kitty. If anyone out there is looking for a Maine Coon to adopt, she'd gladly give him over to the right home. She's just sick with grief about not being able to acclimate this new kitty into her home, she doesn't want to keep him locked in a room or just throw him into a room with her other cat, but she also has some other very important things to focus on right now.

If you know anyone who's looking for a kitty, D lives in Orange County, and I am willing to help transport anywhere within California.

1 comment:

amyp said...

what a beautiful kitty, i wish i knew someone in CA that could take him home.


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