Monday, May 12, 2008

halp! halp!

My sister is graduating college this weekend and my parents are beside themselves with excitement. BUT they are also convinced that the CIA will raid your house and throw you in Gitmo if you don't stay for the full four hour ceremony. My mom just spent half an hour trying to convince me that we need to be there by 7:30am to get a good seat, because the whole thing starts at 9am and Shaina gets graduated at 10am and then after that there are THREE MORE HOURS of ceremonies.

I am trying to tell her that I have never heard of anyone sitting through the whole ceremony. In fact, it's my understanding that there is a short break between each school, so that the people who just saw who they came to see can leave and the people who are still waiting can move forward. I have always heard of people popping in to see their kid walk across stage and then bail.

Am I wrong? Or just an a-hole?


amyp said...

oh god. we just sat through a 2 hour ceremony (just the school of social work was that long) and it was torture. i would have murdered someone if they made me stay another 2 hours. as it was, my back & ass hurt for 2 days from the crappy bleacher seating.

you are right - don't stay that long!

Sizzle said...


I hope you bring a flask.

styro said...

Uh, I didn't even GO to my college graduation. They mailed me the degree, which is now in the attic somewhere just sort of ... laying around on top of a box of stuff.

Miss Bliss said...

You are correct...except that the CIA doesn't throw anyone into Gitmo...the DHS does. You need know this so you will recognize the proper agents when they come for you.

P.S. NO ONE STAYS FOR THE WHOLE THING...EVER...unless they are being paid to.


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