Friday, May 23, 2008

Tiki Thursday

Yesterday started off pretty blah. Woke up, went to work, got a phone call from the Improv to say that Mitch Fatel's June show was cancelled. Even worse, he was bumped for Jimmy Fallon who is stretching his legs before going onto take Conan O'Brien's spot. DAMN YOU JIMMY FALLON! And this isn't just the bitters talking. Have you seen Fallon's stand-up? It's pretty blah.

After work, I took my blah self over to the chiropractor's office for some massaging and crack (of the back). My doctor is also my friend, Jen (formerly Cool Neighbor Jen), but I don't always see her there because I usually take late appointments and often my schedule doesn't sync up with hers. So we're chatting and oh by the way she's 6 months pregnant. WHAT? "I thought you knew already" um, no. I am a terrible friend and horrible client.

After THAT I saddled up the horses, grabbed the Dude and headed up to the Puka Bar to see The Taint. Ryan used to play for the Taint - still does, but he used to too [Mitch Hedberg joke]. He took a break for a while when work was just too hectic and Scott took over. But then Scott's own work was hectic and so now Ryan is back. Last night was his first show "back" with the band in... however long it's been (he says 2 years, I debate that estimate, I think it's less than that). Our friend Gus is in the band Los Mysteriosos and he invited The Taint to play with them at Puka Bar (Critiki rating of 9 out of 10!).

Ryan was so excited to be playing again that he basically cheese-grater'd the end of his finger off during the show. He rocks so hard when he's on stage that he forgets that "Hey! This is painful!" The guys really put out a lot of energy, which was roundly hilarious to us all. Especially Kate and Adam who graciously came all the way out for the show. Both had a hearty giggle at the boys on stage. Not only because they are completely ridiculous (yes) but also because they know Zach and Ryan offstage who are totally different people. Both are calm and quiet and Zach is incredibly reserved and shy. So to see them flailing and kicking and rocking and shocking was funny. Really funny. Plus, who doesn't love the theramin?

It was good to get to see other people too (although Kate and Adam are always the highlight of my day). I kind of forgot how many "band friends" I/we have. People that you just don't see that often outside of shows. Even people that I am "real life" friends with I don't see very often. Kevin - we're totally coming to your next gig, for reals (that kid slaps a bass so good it'll make you sass your mama). And Scott, please note that I am not blogging about your Top Secret highly classified job.

Plus, Ryan had three beers - scandal! - and was soused. Poor Ryan has no alcohol tolerance so after 2 beers he was dancing with a lampshade on his head, giggling too loud. At 3 he was slurring and heartily in love with everyone. I'm sorry if he slobbered on you. It was out of my control.


Sizzle said...

It's pretty cute that he gets soused after 2 drinks. Ha! :)

Anonymous said...

I still can't even comprehend the awesomeness of Thursday night. The Taint ROCKED! The bar ROCKED! Your friends ROCKED! You were GORGEOUS! And Ryan is an ADORABLE drunk! You, Giddy, done got yourself a pretty sweet life. Thank you for letting me come out and hang!!! Thursday night was so cool, I'm surprised they let me through the door! And I got to be with the lead guitarist's wife! I WAS WITH THE BAND! WOOHOOO!!!


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