Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sunny side of life

Do you ever feel like you're so sane that you must be insane? Like you're the only one who feels like they have got things under control, therefore YOU must be nuts? Do you giggle at really dumb things totally unprompted? Yeah, me too.

That's where Jerrabomberra comes in. I was having a crummy day at work and I was working on this crushing spreadsheet of thousands and thousands and thousands of customer names on it and as I was sorting, a city name suddenly jumped out at me: Jerrabomberra. I cracked a giant smile and started giggling to myself. Jerrabomberra. That's so fake! But so clever! And what an awesome word! Lots of good sounds, plenty of B's and "erra" that's just great! What a fun word to say! Sounds like Hannah-Barbara! I immediately wrote it down and stuck it to the side of my monitor at work. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I just say it to myself Jerrabomberra. Jerrabomberra. Serenity now!

As it turns out, Jerrabomberra is a real place (in Australia). Even better. Now I can say it with an Australian accent. Jerrabomberra...Jerrabomberra...Jerrabomberra...

1 comment:

Miss Bliss said...

I just KNEW it had to be in Australia...they have all the cool "berra" words.


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