Wednesday, May 14, 2008

<--- rewind <---- rewind

Since this Friday will be chock full of toilet scrubbing and general house prep for Shaina's graduation party, I will have no good stories to post. So instead, we rewind to last Friday...

My work computer is having some hiccups and so I called desk-side support and the closest available tech group is in Glendale, which is like 75 miles away from here, north of LA. So I took the afternoon to drive up there (2.5 hours, thank you very much) and even though the guy was unhelpful to a startling degree, I was able to swing back through LA to spend the night with my peoples.

Driving through LA is awesome. Yeah, it's trafficky and overwhelming, but you can see the most fantastic stuff on the streets.

I met up with Adam at his house and was able to get the #1 Grade A Primo parking space and then he and I set off in search of sheet music for his sister's wedding. I was frankly surprised that there was such a thing as a sheet music store but lo and behold, there it was. And it was practically empty. But don't despair, they had the Doogie Howser MD theme song music (whew).

The store owner was NO help (a theme!) and was incredibly bitter about "this is the way the world is now! You pay me and I'll download the sheet music for you." Sorry flagging sheet music business, but no thanks. We didn't find anything useful, so we left and Adam pointed at the radio and proclaimed it His Day in Music. Indie 103.1 can be VERY hit or miss (it's "indie" because the staff can play whatever they want, which can be a tribal song or a polka classic) but Friday was Adam's Day and they played favorite after favorite. As we got in the car they played [I swear] 3 good tunes in a row. That's when we knew that Adam was channeling The Secret and so we had to press forward. He asked if I'd be up for sneaking a pre-dinner cupcake (pshaw!) and we agreed that Sprinkles is the biggest rip-off perpetrated on bakery fans since... I dunno? Foccaccia? Don't buy the hype! They're NOT THAT GOOD! So we went to a tried and true cupcake spot - Joan's on Third.

We were meeting Ryan and Kate at a restaurant for dinner, but we still had about 20 minutes so we decided to go for the gluttony and sneak in a cupcake with the full knowledge that we would be caught. We had a brief moment of guilt and so Adam decided that we'd drive by and if there was a parking spot directly in front of Joan's then we would go in. We pulled up and got THE BEST spot, right in front of the door and it had money on the meter! A sign!

The selection at Joan's is to die for. I chose a chocolate cupcake with maple frosting -- and not JUST maple, but maple marshmallow. Adam went more conservative and chose a vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling topped with raspberry chocolate curls on top.

We were giddy about the whole thing and decided that the crumbs would fall where they may and we'd leave them. In our hair, on our clothes, in the car - who cares? I guess it was the thrill of being caught. ha ha! Only Ryan called while I was ordering my cupcake and he had missed his bus and then "wait - did you just say chocolate maple? What are you doing?" Whoops! So we jumped in the car and started greedily shoveling cake into our faces and Kate sent a text saying she was at the restaurant. Whoops! Adam dropped me off at my car, so I could go meet Kate and he jetted down the street to pick up Ryan. As I was getting in my car, the whole lid of my cupcake fell off into the street. I actually yelled (!) my disappointment. All that glorious marshmallow gone to waste! And through some miracle of geometric physics and spatial equations it flew out of the car and not a drop landed on the interior. I shoved the whole cupcake stump into my mouth and ate like a banshee. It was awesome.

I headed over to Lala's to meet Kate and we noticed that next door to the restaurant was the fanciest bong store in the world. We had to stop and peek in the windows because it was like an arthouse. Glass floating shelves, tasteful spot lighting. It was like a modern art piece reflecting society's posh treatment of drug abuse. Or something. In any case, it was funny. Then the boys came wandering over fresh from their awesome parking spot (see? The Secret works!) and we headed inside to gorge ourselves on Provaleta, which is melted provolone cheese in a hot hot skillet. See how the underside gets all cooked and brown? And the top part is stringy melty goodness? Heaven in a cast iron.

After overfilling ourselves with fresh bread and chimmichurri, we headed over to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to see Freak Dance: The Forbidden Dirty Boogaloo which is a comedy musical that takes you down to the streets, where dancing is what dancing is all about! It was FANTASTIC. Even though Matt Besser didn't perform, we all laughed until we nearly barfed. Seriously, really, very very good. Check out a video of the dance-off on YouTube. After a brief intermission, we headed back inside for the Match Game Live! featuring several of my favorite current comedians (Paul F. Tompkins, I love you! Paul Scheer don't run away from me!) AND a bonus: Matt Walsh and his moustache! The comedians were awesome, even though the contestants were duds. We laughed so much. Paul F. Tompkins! I love you!

After the show, we were hanging outside chatting (surprise!) and being spied on by the Briantologists and secretly spying on Matt Walsh standing behind us. When he turned to say hello, I bum rushed him with the camera. I neglected the flash, so here's our blurry little souvenier (hi moustache!) from the night.

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Sizzle said...

I couldn't see past the cupcakes. YUM! Also, Hi Adam!



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