Sunday, April 20, 2008

prank you later

Last night one of the neighbors got their house toilet papered. The ninjas who did it were pretty stealth, seeing as how Ryan and I were in our living room (at the front of the house) all night, had the windows open, and Ruckus is the Neighborhood Watch (and yells at every person who passes by, in case they don't notice him sitting in the window and praise him right away). So, congrats young T.P.ers!

While laughing about it (instead of offering to help clean up) we talked about TP stories from our past. I only had one TP excursion myself, because I felt too guilty to pick on anyone else (I really wasn't/am not that cool). Ryan had a few, and 2 of the best stories were times involving Kevin (who was a mutual friend and my ex-boyfriend).

#1 - The Time That Kevin's Car Got Baloney'd

Apparently the neighborhood kids went around throwing baloney at everyone's house windows on the block and then decided that Kevin's car was the next candidate. There was baloney all over the windows, doors, trunk, hood. It was an easy enough clean up, but the baloney grease stripped some of the paint and polish off the car. Kevin drove an old boat of a car, some Plymouth beast thing, so he wasn't concerned about the paint job, but it was funny that for the next 2 years his car had perfect circles of paint and finish missing. And when people would ask him how/why the paint had done that, he had to tell them he'd been baloney'd.

#2 - Dinty Moore?

The boys were feeling their oats one night and decided to toilet paper their friend Eric's house. For no real reason. Stupidity, I guess. So they threw TP all over the garden and the tree out front and were just about to leave when Kevin pulled a can of beef stew out of his back pocket and dumped it all over Eric's car. The result was hilarious and the guys left laughing.

Cut to the next day when Eric showed up at Kevin's house, holding the empty can and said "Dinty Moore, Kevin?" and they all knew the jig was up. Kevin's parents were infamous Costco shoppers and had just purchased a flat (that's like 32 cans) of Dinty Moore Beef Stew which all the guys had helped carry into the house. Eric was there on shopping day (it was a production that required 15-37 able-bodied men) and put 2 and 2 together... who else would grab Dinty Moore Beef Stew? Years later, they were sure that it was a tribute to this prank when the Mighty Mighty Bosstones (our all-time favorite band) released a tape of their videos entitled "Video Stew" that looked just like the Dinty Moore can. [This is probably not true, but we always let them think that. Boys need a dream.]


emily said...

Oh man, the baloney one makes me laugh, because I'm thinking of the slapping sound it would make as it hit a windshield.

Also, I like that you spell it b-a-l-o-n-e-y. I think "bologna" is so weird.

katedanley said...

My MOTHER actually used to take me T-Ping. We would put her friends' underwear in the freezer and short sheet all the beds. I am delighted to hear the spirit is still alive and well in today's youth.

P.S. Kids stuck 1,000 plastic forks, prong side up and in neat little rows, in a neighbor's yard. HYSTERICAL!

giddygirlie said...

Emily - I had to spelled it that way because I think "bolognaed" just looked weird. Weirder than "baloney'd" :)

Kate - I have seen the fork thing in people's lawns and on the football field at school (homecoming week or whatever) but that takes TIME and PATIENCE. Too much dedication. I'll chuck an egg at your house instead. Whoops. Did I just say that? ;)


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