Saturday, April 08, 2006

Delusions of Grandma - Carrie Fisher

Much like the other Carrie Fisher books, this one is high-paced and frantic -- clearly the writing of a maniac mood swing -- but all the same, very fun. I always love the quips that CF puts together, she seems at once to be the smart-ass that I aspire to be as well as the best friend and mortal enemy that I don't yet possess.
Far and away, the best parts of the book are her letters to her unborn daughter, which assume that she is no longer in the picture, possibly dead. She tells her daughter (whom she has decided from the time of the positive pregnancy test is a girl) about herself and her family with the usual self-depreciating charm that we know and love.
Favorites :
"Deal with it apparently and all will follow actually -- that could have been my family's motto. If we'd ever gotten it together to have a motto, we'd probably have a motto and nothing else. A motto and a credo and a house."
"...I don't have much of an attention span, and what I lack in patience I make up for in ambivalence and inability to sleep. But I was hoping that if you fiercly require me, I might rise up to some of your less towering expectations. Hopefully, by the time I am letting you down in any large way, they will have developed the disappointment patch."

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