Sunday, January 01, 2006

just another day

Well the cooties got into my lungs by Friday -- hooray bronchitis! -- and so I have been pretty damn miserable. The upswing : at home in my jammies. The downside : at home in my jammies. Do you know how fucking STIR CRAZY I am right now?? aiiiiieeee!!

We called off our NYE plans on account of the fact that I am a walking snot monster and coughing up violent phlegm wads that are making my eyeballs ache. If I bust a capillary, I swear to god, I am running myself on my sword... Anyway, we skipped the grand, fabu party that we were supposed to go to in exchange for noodle soup, hot tea, and some Scrabble. WOOOOO!! Yeah, I know you're jealous at my party lifestyle. Don't hate the player, hate the pnemococcus.

But it was all just as well. On cue, the rains rolled in yesterday and soaked the place and only let up for about 2 hours with just enough time for everyone to lob off their midnight fireworks. It was alright. I'm not a NYE loyalist anyway -- 4th of July is a whole other story, I wouldn't miss that. I'd be dragging my IV pole with me to that throw-down.

So today, I am again house-bound and bored to freaking tears. My eyeballs hurt too much to read, and anyway my brain is still fuzzy so storylines would be lost on me anyhow. I have already watched brain melting TV (including 10 minutes of the Gastenau Girls and I still couldn't figure out why they have a show and why they are supposed to be famous -- it was so bad, I actually got out of bed to turn it off), and seen my holiday gift movies 5 times each. So now I am scrounging the internet, trying to stave off boredom, and I see that Styro has posted a time waster for me -- huzzah!! -- which will be my next post.

I don't really get into Resolutions at the new year, but this year, I am starting a new job. Tuesday, I begin my foray into the wacky world of marketing at the same company where I have been for the past 600 years. There's a whole long backstory as to why I am taking this leap out of my current role, but I don't want to kick off '06 by being Dooced, so I'll save that for later. It's going to be a good fit for me, I think, and a chance to really show influential people my talents and could launch me into a new orbit of radness. Or I could totally decline into insanity -- stay tuned to find out.

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