Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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**this is the part where stupid me JUST NOW REALIZES that this posted instead of 'drafting'. Oops**

This is kind of where I am at these days : lazy and dissatisfied. A pickle of a crossroads to be at, because either one takes work and effort... and I am just plain out of both. *sigh*

Which is why I lept on the chance to escape the Cubicle Farm for 2 days when I heard Miss Jules was comin' to town (think Santa times 10!) and it made for an excellent excuse to set the ol' 'out of office message' and head down to San Diego for some clear headedness. Of course, I can never escape the electronic grasp of the CF and there were many phone calls avoided and unreturned (it's called vacation, people!!) and now that I have dredged out the laptop at 11pm Saturday night (party animal, indeed) there are 200+ emails waiting for me. Sure, it's great to be needed, but this is pathetic.

But I digress. Thursday was a lovely day spent strolling the Gaslamp District, Seaport Village, and waterfront of San Diego with Jules. The weather was pleasantly cool and the streets were uncrowded (I've never seen SD outside of a convention atmosphere, so it was actually kind of strange) and many pictures were taken [Flickr will be updated soon]. It was so nice to have Jules all to myself, I only wish that I had more interesting conversation to share!! I felt like Charlie with the golden ticket, and now I am in Wonka's factory, I can't remember if I like chocolate or not... very unnerving. All the same, Jules was a patient sidekick and graciously giggled through my inane conversations (she didn't even roll her eyes when I told her about the bad feet smelling contest!). For that, I am eternally grateful. Also, on my drive home the border patrol cop was hott. Made it not so bad to sit in traffic, I'll tell you what!!

Friday was a lot of running around and general monkey business, including rubbernecking a fender bender from our patio ("the guy in the white started it!!") until Miss Bliss arrived. At which time Ryan had to excuse himself to GET DRESSED ALREADY because he'd just been kicking around in his jammies 'til then. Oops.

Forever famous with our first impressions, our guests arrived to not one, two or even three, but something like 500 bags of trash, piled on the porch that didn't get taken to the dumpster yet. Oops. Then came the "would you like something to drink?" phase of the evening at which point the trip to the grocery store never happened so we had like apple juice, water, and mayonaise in the fridge (hooray for entertaining!!). Oops. Thankfully my guests were ever so gracious and settled in and pretended not to be all grossed out at our messy house and piles of trash. In fact, Bliss stayed on for the 3rd shift until I finally agreed to stop bothering her and let the poor lady drive home already -- it was something like 3am, but hey I was having fun, which is all that matters. Sorry, but it's the truth.

Saturday I woke up early to spend the day with Ma and Tweedle Dee [Dum lives out of state] and bake cookies. It was fun, if you like to improvise cookie recipes ("Ok, we have 3 cups of flour, chocolate chips, and green sprinkles -- find a recipe that calls for that!") or sound like a know-it-all ("Mia, how the hell do you know about seizing chocolate?"). It was a long day, and at the end I sat in the car for about an hour more chatting with Ma. Are you starting to see a pattern here?

Sunday we woke up early again to see Chronicles of Narnia with the Barrys. I thought it was really good, but I had really wanted to read the book again before seeing the movie, but oh well. After that, in a spur of the moment decision, we carted ourselves over to Disneyland (with a quick detour home for warmer clothes and lunch). It was freaking COLD and so amazingly crowded. We had our timing down just right, though, and by skipping the fireworks we ended up ripping through all of the "good" rides in just a few hours. Guided tours are available, please make your checks payable to me. It was a fat lotta fun, but we didn't get home 'til after midnight, then in bed by 1:30am, so I was dragging yesterday for work. But oh well. Better to have a busy weekend full of friends and be tired! Flickr pictures are coming, I promise!

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