Tuesday, December 06, 2005

saddest thing you ever did see

Tonight I had an event at Dave & Buster's and there was another event in
a different room that was some sort of cheerleading awards. Tons of
families kept walking by and going in -- a pretty big group -- and then
all of the sudden, I see this mom and daughter running out and the
little girl (maybe 9 or 10) is hysterically crying.

Mom, consoling girl : it didn't say anything on the invitation, how was
I supposed to know?
Girl, sobbing : because....
Mom : well, look at me. I'm in jean and a t-shirt. I honestly didn't

**at this point, I figure it must be a formal event and they are
horribly under-dressed**

Girl : but this happened LAST year [more sobbing]
Mom : well, let's go find you something. There are stores all over this
<a href="http://www.shopirvinespectrum.com">place</a>

I watched them walk out of the restaurant, still not seeing the problem.
Another family was entering and greeting the mom & daughter. Then, as
the other girls pass by : mom, we weren't SUPPOSED to wear our
uniforms, were we?? I wore jeans!! Mom, are you SURE?

It was so sad. The little one was wearing her full cheer gear, with the
curly ponytail and ribbon tied around the rubber band. She was all done
up, competition style, and apparently it was a casual dinner.

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