Wednesday, November 02, 2005

this is why i am a bitch

Do you ever look at a website or blog that has come highly recommended by someone and just kind of went eh?

This is my life story :
Everyone Else : isn't she pretty? she's so popular! and a cheerleader!!
Me : eh. her face is kinda funky, actually. she's just good with make-up
EE : wuh?
Me : the big hair is a distraction. see her first thing in the morning in a pony tail and I'll bet she's downright ugly
EE : oh no, she's... well, now that you mention it...
EE [alternate reaction] : what? you're stupid. I hate you. You smell like boogers.

So there are a few famous and not-so-famous sites that people have steered me toward, on high recommendations, that I have read and... eh. "He's sooooo funny" eh. not really, he's kind of conceited. He's writing it to make you think it's funny -- but it's not. "She's sooooo clever!" eh. Pretentious does not mean clever. She's using intimidation to make you think she's smart. "The most famous blog of all time!" eh, wake me when it's over.

People think I am so strange, because I just can NOT fall in love with a site, just because everyone else does. I've finally gone through my routine and edited the list of blogs-to-check, because I realized that so many of them I read just out of habit. I scroll, I hope, I click away disappointed. And by the same token, I fully understand if you feel the same way about me. My site isn't clever or funny and there are rarely naked pictures. For the record, I do not check blogrolls for my name (that's so 2002) and only look briefly at my referral logs so I can find out how the fetishists are finding me (and welcome gents!). I am not offended if you take me off your list, never add me, don't respond to my emails or comments. Because, like you, I get bored easily.

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