Tuesday, November 01, 2005

harrrrrrrdy harrrrrr

One of the funniest parts of Saturday night was the drive over to the party. I was driving and John and Rosey were in the backseat in their full pirate garb. The Captain had already had a little grog, so he was tipsy and so when this truck pulled up next to us and pointed out the pirates, I was waiting for a fight to ensue (John has been known to snap some thumbs). Boy was I wrong. Instead, there was a Pirate Joke-Off.

Truck Guy : hey, Capn! Where did you eat lunch today?
Capn John : Arrrrrrby's!!!
T.G. : did you see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie?
C. J. : no, it was rated Rrrrrrr
T.G. : how much did you pay to get your ears pierced?
C. J. : a bucaneer!
T.G. : what size beer do you want?
C. J. : larrrrrrrrrge!

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