Friday, November 04, 2005

spot the joke

These are both funny/sad in their own way. Please hold me and say you'll still love me, even when I am lame.

  1. Kelly Clarkson's song "Break Away" just came on Yahoo Launch Cast and even though I did not mark it as a favorite, I did not skip it either. I decline to comment on whether or not I know the lyrics.

  2. Someone's car was stolen from the work parking lot yesterday. We have 24/7/365 security guards, but apparently they didn't take any action. Here is our security line-up : 2 young, cocky guys who are probably 19 and love to brag to you (as you walk by in the morning) about how fast their cars are or how badly hung over they are. 1 guy with seriously bad lazy eyes. The kind Will would go gay for. He has coke-bottle glasses and each eye goes the complete opposite direction of the other. He has to jerk his head in small twitches to track you walking past. 1 guy is about 65 and is an ex-cop and wears a cowboy hat and a whistle. 1 guy is about 100 and literally is deaf. He can't hear anything, and shuffle steps when he walks. 1 guy is bright-eyed and looks like he's all hopped up on tweak, but is in a constant state of confusion because he only speaks like 7 words of english and no one here has been able to figure out what the hell other language he's speaking.

When I told Ryan about the car theft, and we giggled about the competence of the security crew, this is what he said : sounds like they're operating on the security principle of "you wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would ya?"

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