Wednesday, September 07, 2005

vacation wasteland

I'm fresh off my FIVE DAY WEEKEND and you know what? I am every bit as tired and crabby and sick-of-this-place as I was before I left. Long story short, 5 days off does not create employee bliss. It does, however, fuck up your sleep schedule something horrible.

My fault, really. Taking a "nap" from 10pm - 2am on Thursday was the first domino in the row, and when they were all toppled with the miscellaneous sleep times strewn hither and thither, I was still awake at 2:30am last night, devouring the 6th Harry Potter book. I mean, you know it's bad when The Kid comes home at 2am after hanging out with his friends and shakes off your offers of Reno 911 re-runs and Scrabble to shower and go to bed. Someone clearly needs a bedtime : me. Although there was one person who benefited from my tweaker schedule -- Ryan. He's always up all night working, and now he had company! After being together nearly 24/7 for 5 days, I think we completely exhausted all topics of conversation. Last night we found ourselves yakking it up about the price of notebook paper. That's sad. Really, really sad.

The list of what I did do pales in comparison with what I didn't (no floor mopping, hardly any sewing, etc.), but resting and relaxing was well worth a dirty floor. I also saw The Brothers Grimm and rode the newly re-opened Space Mountain at Disneyland. I ate Hostess Cupcakes from the freezer and re-read David Sedaris and took bubblebaths every day and BBQ'd with friends and listened to some Bosstones and watched crappy TV in my pajamas . But it was still totally worth it.

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