Sunday, September 25, 2005

tattoo redo

Ryan and I spent Saturday with our dear friend Reuben, who updated our tattoos and let us watch "Anchorman" which we hadn't seen yet -- hilarious.

I was glad that I was first in the tattoo chair. I needed to hurry up and get it over with... I was a little nervous. It's been a few years since I got a tattoo, and even though Tink is 8 years old, I can still remember how bad it FRICKIN HURT (they dig in the color, especially green - FYI), so I wanted to get in and out a.s.a.p. Reuben decided that he would touch up everything (the star and virgo symbol are nearly 10 years old) and he added in the pixie dust swirls, which are very red in the picture (swelling and my own blood...eeeew) but will calm down to be yellow in a day or two.

It took about 45 minutes to do everything, which was pretty quick, considering, but it was the longest 45 of my life. There are certain spots on the spine and shoulder that are hotbeds of nerves and when it gets hit with the needle, your back convulses whether you want it to or not. There were some of the little spots - just dots or asterisks - that were so incredibly painful, they made my legs twitch. I had such an adrenaline rush when it was done, I could have run a marathon.

Ryan had his arm embellished -- the clouds are all new -- and his only took maybe 30 minutes. He weathered it much better than I. I was constantly contorting and gritting my teeth, he was carrying a conversation. Tough guy. The only part where I saw him clench his jaw was on the inner arm, which -- dude, my hat is off to you. That's a bitch.

I was a little bit proud of myself last night on our drive home, when Ryan told me that he was telling Reuben that I was a little nervous and he hoped that I kept my compsoure (he ran to pick up lunch while I was getting work done) and Reuben told him that 1) I didn't scream or cry, which is cool enough and 2) my tattoos are in the most painful part of the body and that even he won't get more tattoos on his back, especially the shoulder blade (and he's covered neck to toe!) -- he said I have balls, that I'm a tough chick. Yay Mia!!

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