Friday, September 23, 2005


I love my optometrist. Sure, I only see him once a year... I'm not like stalking him or anything, but he's a really funny guy. He's like "you can see me? even when I stand way over here [2 feet away]? well then, you're better off then most of my patients -- are you sure there's something that I can do for you?"
My prescription is the same as it's been -- 3 years running, hooray for computer glasses! -- so I basically went just to get my pupils dilated (hot look for me, BTW) and pick out new frames. I chose some cutie Nicole Miller frames, but I got them in their 'black emerald' model, which I can't find on the internet, but are very cute. They're kind of see-through plastic with black and green and white and little stripes and... you know, I am useless as a Glasses Describer. I resign from the Lenscrafters Catalog Department. I apologize.
When they come in next week, I'll post some pictures. Although you will probably be able to hear my co-workers laughing all the way from where ever you live.

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