Monday, August 29, 2005

stabby mood

  • someone is playing "She Thinks My Tractor Is Sexy" on repeat
  • my neighbor has been on the phone for TWO HOURS talking about these "oh my god, hot guys" at some LA Club, that is a 5 star joint -- and they just wore "tennis outfits -- you know, like the striped jogging pants and windbreaker kind of jacket" and then squeezed 8 people into their $380 a night hotel room. Classy. It's annoying because I've been hearing the details for TWO HOURS...
  • people who create "forms" in Word, but it's not really a form so when you type on the line, it screws up all of the spacing and margins. HATE.
  • commiserating with other people over IDIOTS who 'out' your blog. HATE.
  • the knot in my shoulder is back ALREADY after I just paid $50 on Saturday to have it rubbed out (although, seriously, everyone in the world should go get a massage right now -- best. feeling. ever.)

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