Sunday, August 07, 2005

shower and shave

Today we went to our friends' wedding shower [it was a couples shower] which was really nice. I wanted to die of envy... this house was my dream. It was big, spacious, decorated like a Pottery Barn catalog and... and!... they had 2 tree swings in the front yard! The kind with a wooden plank seat and sailor rope... *sigh* The place was like a dollhouse fantasy come true. Ryan even commented to John that he shouldn't have invited us, because now he'll have to hear about it forever "oh did you see how cute their bar set was??" What can I say? I am a capitalistic pig and would give my left boob for a house in Newport Beach -- both boobs for THIS house.

The FUNNY part is that Ryan and I are never punctual. Not that we don't try to be, it just seems that despite all of our best efforts, we're always 10 minutes late. To everything. But today, we were ON TIME. We were there 1 minute early, even. I was so proud. We were patting ourselves on the back -- hey, we got 4 hours of sleep and we got here one minute early, congratulations babe! And then we knock on the door.... nothing. Ring the bell... nada. Look through the windows, don't see anyone -- oh, they're in the back yard (which was recently re-done for hosting the wedding reception). Ryan went around : no one. Wuh??

TURNS OUT that you should read the invitation. It was not at John's parent's house, it was at his aunt and uncle's house. Oh. Damn. So we had to call, get directions and drive over [a convenient 10 minute trip]. So there we were, 11:10am, trying to convince everyone we WERE there on time. Just at the wrong place. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I also forgot my camera so I have NO pictures to share, but there were SO many good ones to take. I just kept kicking myself. Over and over.

I will post my home-made gift pictures, though. I am a slave for Flickr.

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