Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Oops... I did it again

Ha! Take THAT Ryan! Once again I launched the sneak attack and drop-kicked you right into the middle of a get-together with your friends to celebrate YOUR birthday. SURPRISE!!
And like I told you in the car, you need this -- you deserve this. You're always so kind and concerned with everyone else... investing all of your time into making John and Rosey feel special before their wedding. You needed a little something that was just for you. I know that made me wildly unpopular with you for a few minutes, but once you settled in and saw that everyone was so glad to be there, to celebrate YOU, you started smiling and laughing. Sure, the beers helped -- not to mention Brent's filthy jokes! Man, that guy was funny : "Ken, you're old. Didn't you do 'Safety Dance' in your high school talent show? And call yourself 'Men Without Pants'??"
And again, my apologies for the abrupt interruption in the festivities -- how could I know that the bowling alley closes at 10pm (don't answer that!)?? Zach and Breck deserve all the credit for suggesting Godfather's for some after-bowling drinks. That was pretty cool, despite the fact that you nearly gagged your Irish Carbomb [lightweight!]. But in the end, the 5 other beers you drank washed it all down.
I'm not mad at all that you invited the party back to our filthy, dishevelled house at 2am. It was great to hang out a bit more... but next time : clear it with me first, ok? The living room is like a minefield right now with crap everywhere, I could have died of embarrassment. Apparently, not everyone was as bothered by it, since I had to literally bounce the rest of the group at 4am -- much to your protest ("can't we just call in sick tomorrow and sleep in?"). Ugh, this morning was hell. I am typing to stay awake.
It was a fun night, and I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Happy birthday (2 days early), bub. I love ya.
And yes, the pictures will be posted on Flickr tonight, so the whole world can laugh at you.

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