Wednesday, August 17, 2005

parts and pieces

  • I received my 3rd email message from a foot fetishist who found a picture of my feet on the internet, begging for more pictures and offering free foot massages. These are possibly hoaxes, but if not I am totally down for free foot massages! I promise to pretend that I don't notice you touching yourself while doing it... I'm good like that.
  • Chris had an article in the OC Register on Monday [read it here] about his comic book (Easy Way), and the sobering-up process that it took for him to get to writing the story. Chris has a MILLION stories -- specializing in the "WTF? You did that??" variety. Ask him to tell you about the "truth" tattoo on the inside of his lip...
  • I got bit by a spider over the weekend -- possibly Saturday night -- and have this ugly welt on my side. Since I wasn't sick (fever, nausea, etc.) there isn't much else that anyone will do for a bite, so I just stayed home. I did, however, mark the red lines to see if they got any bigger (sign of spreading infection), which they didn't. But for the past 2 days my face has been a little puffy, which isn't necessarily anything to do with the bite (could be lack of sleep) but I blame the spidey... so I haven't been wearing eye make-up. This means that I look like death warmed over (as mom would say). Today, I scribbled on a little eyeliner but had to skip the mascara. Anyone got any good secrets for unpuffing eyes that doesn't involve anus cream?

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