Monday, August 15, 2005


I apologize, I have been absent. I have no note from my mom or anyone else... but I am back y'all. And saying things like "y'all"!!

The wedding was really fun. I think everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. I posted a few pictures on Flickr, but not too many because I started them their OWN Flickr account, so that everyone can post the pictures, collectively. Our friend Brad did the photography and he took something like 300+ pictures! I forgot to bring my Granny Camera (so named, because it's - gasp- 4 years old and waaaaaay out of style) that holds 200 pictures. Instead, I brought the rookie that only takes 25. I got a few good ones though. I think. Since I was in the ceremony, I couldn't take pictures from up in the Sanctuary but I wished that I could have -- John was making faces at all of us and flipping his eyelids upside down while they were kneeling (the bridesmaids stand). His sister Betsy was trying not to crack up and hissing at him to stop it, but to no avail. Yeah, we're going to hell for sure.

My hair was SO crispy -- it was hilarious. I thought it looked kind of neat, but Ryan's picture of my "hair" showcases the cleavage mostly. I also never got a picture of me and Ryan in our formal wear -- the first time I handed off the camera was when we were back at the hotel later in the evening and I had changed into jeans and a t-shirt. Oh well. We still have the dress and he has a suit -- we can wing it if we ever REALLY want a picture like that.

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