Monday, August 22, 2005

movies and owies

Harder than understanding a 40 Year Old Virgin, is actually knowing someone like that. Much like the movie, My Friend is not some creepy freak or horrifically ugly.. he has a good job, a nice place, is well-groomed and actually quite handsome… instead, he is a victim of circumstance. Since he is fast approaching 30 and still hasn’t had sex, he’s almost resigned himself to the fact that it will never happen… or that if he has the chance, he will be so nervous/bad that it’s not worth the embarrassment. So instead he stays in his shell…

The movie was FUCKING hilarious, but in real life my heart breaks for My Friend. He’s such a great person – honestly, I really really really like him – and I know so many girls who think he’s handsome [he looks more than a little like Brad Pitt] and would GLADLY go out with him, but feel awkward approaching him (since he’s kind of a hunk) and he won’t approach them, because of his nervousness. It’s a vicious cycle… poor doll.

Anyway, the movie : great, totally funny. Not at all what I expected. I didn’t know it was R-Rated, so the strong language and lewd references threw me off a bit at first. The theater was packed, so it was really fun to see because everyone was laughing and pointing at their friends next to them with each joke (toy collections are dorky – point to Ryan, etc.) and one of the funniest parts of the movie didn’t have the best jokes, but it was just so… real… when the guys are playing video games in the apartment and being competitive and saying a bunch of “you know how I know you’re gay?” jokes in rapid succession. It was a fun movie.
In other news : my eczema on my eye is killing me now… the corner of my eyes are all swollen and I can’t wear make-up, so I look like I have been beat up. Hot look. I have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow, and hopefully she can give me something better. And something that isn’t $30 a refill – holy shit.

Also, in my bizarre medical news I have the biggest, blackest bruise on my leg and I have NO IDEA how I got it. I don't remember running into anything, and you'd think that something that dark and purple would take some force... *sigh* I am getting to that point in my old age where I have to do the Random Bruise Check whenever I bathe...

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