Friday, June 17, 2005


Yesterday, we took a buttload* of kids to the beach, after my bro's graduation. It was overcast and chilly and ugly as hell. The waves were choppy, and the rip tides were plenty. The kiddies insisted on boogie boarding and splashing and sand crab catching and all that nonsense and were blue in the lips and shivering, so Shaina and I went to the store and bought firewood and what-not to start a bonfire. Ryan, the BBQ master [also the BBQ crab] got the fire roaring up good and the kids were standing around, warming their tushes when - I shit you not - the clouds parted and it was suddenly 85 degrees. They all ditched the s'mores and ran back to the water. Ah, well.

<---ridiculous hat!!!

I even wore my ridiculous beach hat to keep my face from being sunburned -- but guess what? I AM BURNED ANYWAY. I wore 35spf sunblock on my face AND lips. And I look like Rudolph.

We were only at the beach for about an hour, when a big ol' earthquake started shaking. Being at the beach for an eq is weird -- it's so quiet (no rattling dishes, etc.). The kids didn't notice, but all the parents started calling, worrying. It wasn't that big (4.9) and it was far away (Yucaipa) but after the tsunami warning on Tuesday (yes, in Orange County!!) people were a little panicked.

The saddest part of the whole day, of course happened to me. Ryan and I drove 3 of the girls, who were so giggly and chatty and were telling us all about the class trip to Disneyland on Wednesday. I was totally listening and then when one said "ok guys, which was your favorite ride - Splash Mountain or Tower of Terror?" and I said "hmm... I'd have to say Tower" and Ryan grabbed my arm and whispered "sweetheart, they're not talking to you" and indeed they weren't. They hadn't heard my response, nor the breaking of my heart. I was so sad to realize that I am now the Front Seat Riding Adult who is totally not in on the conversation. *sigh*

*buttload = 16

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