Wednesday, June 01, 2005

get rich quick

How pathetic. The real estate agent who was looking up a particular house for me emails me this morning and says :

Your statement of a maximum of $X,XXX/month mortgage threw me a bit. Are you speaking of the mortgage plus the taxes and association fees?, or the mortgage alone. A payment of $X,XXX @ 5.75% = $[not very much] loan. That is not counting Mortgage Insurance (if it applies), property Taxes or Association dues. In order to proceed, a financial program or plan must be set. I would suggest you call any of these to get prequalified or preapproved: *list of banks*

He sounds incredulous that my max. payment is so low. In fact, I feel embarrassed, even though I know about 10 people [who have bought houses in the past year or two] who pay half (50%!) of what my max. payment allowance is for their mortgages. I just feel so poor and pathetic.

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