Monday, May 16, 2005

time flies

Yesterday was a blur of busy. We knew it was going to be a strange day when we get on the freeway and there had just been a bad accident (no cops or anything yet), then we're getting to the 55 fwy onramp and the Mustang 3 cars behind us suddenly forgets which is the velocitator and which is the deceleratrix (Simpsons humor, excuse me) and guns the car, loses control, manages to avoid hitting the car right behind me, but rams himself into the retaining wall. Geez. Then all the cars in front of us start slowing, and once we creep to the bottom of the ramp, we see a REALLY bad accident with 6 cars, and there is a family standing on the side of the road, their BMW crumpled, and the little girls are crying and wearing their bathing suits and terrycloth covers -- they were on their way to the beach!

But we forged ahead and drove on to the big ass swap meet in Santa Fe Springs (it used to be a drive-in theater!!) to browse around. My sister is a big-time swap meet shopper - shopper in general, really - and she loves loves loves this one, so I thought I'd give it a try. It was pretty cool and there are a lot of things on my list of "crap to buy at the swap meet", but the one serious flaw was a lack of an ATM! It was a bit more challenging to shop with $7 cash, but I did end up finding an excellent beach hat (yeah, yeah, laugh it up - my nose burns like a mofo these days) and a couple of funny things for people, which I will mail out this week.

We then went to one of our 2 most favorite family-owned Italian food places : Lupo's and gorged on spicy mussel steamers (waaaaaay hotter than I remember). After that I took Ryan on a tour of my old neighborhood - where I grew up before we moved to South OC (and I subsequently met him, in high school). Our old house looke exactly the same, which was odd. It made me sort of jealous and kinda homesick. Weird. Since we were close by, we headed off for Disneyland, to watch the fireworks. Turns out it was the ONE night in the past week that they were showing them at "regular time" (9:25pm for those of you familiar), and it was only 7pm when we got there. We opted not to wait for 2.5 hours, and get home so late, so we sailed with the Pirates of the Carribean, and then came home. I finished up a couple of projects that I was working on, and stuck them in the mailbox (yay!)

I was pretty tired when I crawled into bed with my newest book and read 'til midnight, when my eyes refused to stay open. I am still pretty tired, but I'm glad that I got out and had some fun this weekend, even thought it was Fucking Hot (91 degrees! and humid! puke!!).

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