Monday, April 25, 2005

the day after

you know that thing where you're dead, but you're not? your body is moving and your mouth is saying something, but your brain hasn't quite picked up and your legs feel about 100 miles away? you can't really sleep, because your brain is buzzing and random thoughts are floating around, and your eyebrows keep furrowing at the suggestions that come. your body wants to lay flat, preferrably under a fleece blankie of some sort, and the sun outside isn't hot enough to warm you at all. your stomach says it's hungry - well, at least it thinks so - but no manner of food or beverage is enough to draw you away from the foot of the couch where you have been for hours. when someone else finally drags you out to eat, you slouch in the booth and pick at the breadsticks and complain about the skinny little waitress girl, whose 20 inch skeletal waist and knobby hip bones are making you physically ill. eventually, you wander homeward again and resume your horizontal position on the couch and watch endless hours (half-hours?) of Surreal Life, which you usually dislike (this season just lacked that je ne sais ce qui of the last).

Apparently, THAT is what a 24 Hour Comic will do to you, the day after. Ryan is posting the full details, hour by hour, on his blog so I won't replicate the work. Instead, here are highlights (photos coming tonight) :
  • slept only 4 hours in preparation (Rawking Friday Night runs 'til dawn!)
  • arrived at 2pm after much lolligagging and lunching (supposed to be there at 12pm)
  • crowned the duo who took the most breaks, already by 4pm
  • I snuck off at 6pm to the neighboring nail salon to get a much needed mani/pedi in the luxurious massage pedicure chair (the kneading massage is to die for!)
  • returned by 7:15pm, in time for a dinner break
  • returned from dinner by 9pm to bust through some serious comic-creating!
  • I pooped out about 2:30am and took a nap for about an hour out in the car (resulting in a bruise on my shoulder from the seatbelt thingy), was awakened by the fear of freezing to death while it pounded rain
  • got in there and back to work by 4am
  • finished by 5:30am
  • picked up breakfast on the way home
  • in bed to go to sleep by 7:30am

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