Thursday, March 03, 2005

it is only a theory people

At work, I listen to Yahoo!
quite a bit (mostly because the firewall prohibits
Spinner) and it's pretty OK. I refuse to pay $4 a month or whatever to
have total customization, which means that even though I choose the
bands and genres that I like to hear (and am able to rate each
artist/song/album individually), Yahoo! can still pop in a weird one
here and there -- trying to get me to listen to what THEY think I
should like. It seems that whenever you get into a good flow of music,
there is a really crappy song that cuts in.


"Firefly" - Southern Culture on the Skids

"Wild in the Streets" - Circle Jerks

"Seven Deadly Sins " - Flogging Molly

"Suicide Doors" - Reverend Horton Heat

"Time Bomb" - Rancid

"Blinded by Science" - Thomas Dolby


Try as I might, I can NOT figure out the logic pattern on how they
decide which songs to pitch to me! This is why I am scared of the iPod
Shuffle - from what I have heard it's biased and falls in love with
certain albums and artists and repeats them to death while never
churning up the good stuff from the bottom of the barrel.


Is this all a Yahoo/iPod conspiracy?


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