Thursday, March 10, 2005

I Got Nothing

I have so many things to say and I can neither find the time to formulate my thoughts nor to sit and post and honestly, you probably wouldn't care about anything going through my head right now (it's all jibberish).

Instead, I will tell you the only joke that I have heard this week :

A family of moles lives on a farm, and one day the Dad mole pokes his head out of the hole and can smell the breakfast from the farmhouse. "mmm... I can smell bacon and sausage. man, it really smells good out here." The Mom mole smooshes in next to him in the hole opening, so she can smell too, "mmm... I can smell pancakes and waffles. man, that really smells good."

The Baby mole tries to smoosh between his parents, to smell the wonderful breakfast, but it's too crowded. "Hmpf. All I can smell is mole-asses."

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