Monday, March 14, 2005


Ok, last year I went on vacation instead of saving my money for a
root canal, crown & cap. That meant that by late summer, I was
pinching pennies for months to come up with the $1,400. This year, I
have a few different trips that I am trying to make - all of which cost
as much as the next crown & cap that I need to have made (no root
canal this time - just a cap to replace an old filling*). Do I dare
tempt fate two years in a row and spend all my "extra" money on


Arguements for Dentist :

  • it's best for my overall dental health

  • the problem tooth may only 'hold up' for another 2 or 3 years before
    a cap is mandatory


Arguements for Vacation :

  • Mexico rules - plus Jake & Katina are begging us
    to go.

  • I've never been to Paris.

  • special rate for off-season travel to the Caribbean. $89 a night for
    St. Lucia!!

  • free airline tickets don't use themselves!! but they do
    expire - so I need to go somewhere

  • annual bonuses are coming (yay!)

  • the penny jar is full to the top again (woot!)

  • all the bathing suits and summer togs are out at Target and I am in
    love with the stripy green tankini

  • I am willing to wait for new jewels and baubles until next year (I
    like href="">this
    setting - what do you think? I already have a princess cut center stone
    in my wedding ring - which is really plain and I need some


*Thanks for asking, but my dentist doesn't "do"
fillings over a certain size - he only does restorative dentistry
(i.e. : caps, crowns, veneers, etc.). Since this filling was more than
just a pinprick size, he insists that it needs its own cap.

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