Friday, February 18, 2005

mish mash

I don't really have a good post, so I am resorting to the bullet list :

  • I have added a Google search bar to this page [below the Archives on the left sidebar]
  • I have updated the page with the "old" layout and it looks awful and I promise I am working on it
  • I am trying to think of some good fund raising ideas for the West Memphis 3 - I am open to suggestions!
  • I am preparing for Wizard Con Los Angeles (actually in Long Beach) - is anyone else going? Pllllleeeeeeease... somebody go to this thing, so I am not so lonely!
  • I just added a Gravitar to my account, so if you have Haloscan you can see my rad picture. Rad.

Have a good weekend everyone. Hopefully something will happen to inspire me to write.

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