Friday, December 17, 2004

holiday advice

don't go out to Target at 10:30pm to pick up $7,000 worth of gift cards in your jammie pants and flip flops with your hair in a shaggy ponytail and your eye make-up smeared* unless you're absolutely sure that your company has paid your November credit card bill. Otherwise you'll have to sheepishly grin as you call the bank to find out how much money you do have left and the poor sales girl de-activates 18 of your gift cards and you hope to god that you have something** in your purse to give her as a thank you, since she was so patient and didn't call you out on being an idiot in your jammies buying half her salary in gift cards.
*Ryan calls this look "beat up from the street up" or "beat up from the feet up"
** thankfully 2 passes to the movies were in my wallet and made for a handy thank you

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