Wednesday, September 29, 2004

i always feel like somebody is watching me

Do you watch Scrubs? Oh, I hope you do. It's honestly one of the funniest shows on TV - with the exception of MXC - and last night I was home alone watching it and actually laughed out loud several times (which I am usually too shy to do, especially when I am home alone*). The whole incident between Turk & Carla over going to bed at the same time is a page directly out of the story of my life.
The other night I farted out loud, and my thoughts immediately went to : "oh god! What if someone has signed me up for What Not To Wear and the hidden cameras are in here and they totally heard that?!*" I often suspect that sitcom writers are bugging my living room for episode ideas. There are just TOO many things that I see on TV that I swear happened to me. Maybe they are like the sitcom writing paparazzi... swarming around restaurants, hoping to catch a glimpse or a soundbite. They locked their sights on me and are focusing in with their huge ass zoom lens... and then they scurry away to pass off my life to actors.
So if you saw last night's episode, you'll know what my daily life is like. The bags under my eyes are explained. The struggle with schedules comes to a head. Plus, that and you will totally laugh AND ogle Zach Braff. What's better than that?
*diagnosis : neurosis

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