Thursday, September 30, 2004

chair massage is my friend

Today at work one of my events hired a team of chair massage therapists and gave away massages as raffle prizes. Seeing as how I am so cool, I also got one myself. #1 - I am in love with this girl. That stupid knot in my shoulder? the cause of my headaches? the destroyer of my sleep? GONE!  #2 - I need a nap right now  #3 - my stomach feels like a whole new person.
Is massage supposed to get rid of the bad juju in your guts like that? Seriously, my stomach was burbling and singing through the whole thing (thankfully no one could hear it but me) and my whole intestinal tract feels like it just woke up from a 10 year slumber. Is that good? Bad? Indifferent? Are you supposed to wait 60 minutes after eating to get a chair massage? How am I supposed to know these things?!

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