Monday, August 30, 2004

the mailman cometh...

Here is a tidy laundry list of packages that I have sitting on my dining room table, waiting to be mailed. You may notice your name on the list and say "wait... wasn't she supposed to send that months ago?" The simple, pathetic truth is YES. I have been SO bad about sending out these things. I knit, I sew, I glue, I thieve, I buy, I package.... and then they sit there. So sad.
I am trying to embarrass myself into actually SENDING these things by posting a list here.
Packages that need sending :
  • Jules - swag from the Comic Con
  • Jason - swag from the Comic Con
  • Baby Miki - embroidered Spiderman sweatshirt
  • JenB & Charlotte -  felt patches for skirts and such
  • Dan - prizes for the Fish Naming Contest
  • IA - goodies to sway him back to the internet
  • Tamara - embroidered Star Wars dish towels
  • Luke - Baby Hulk books
Gifts that need finishing :
  • wrist cuffs for G.T.
  • scarf for Choppa
  • tea towels for Good Boss
Ok, I am reasonably embarrassed now... but take a small bit of pity on me, since school starts this week and I won't have every single stupid night free to knit, sew, bake, and be lazy!

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